Pole Physics Tanner Bundle:

Your Ultimate Skin Care Solution for Pole Dancing

Elevate your pole performance with the Pole Physics Tanner Bundle, specially curated to ensure your skin is healthy, hydrated, and grip-ready.

This bundle includes the Luxe Gradual Tan Lotion, the Australian Lemon Myrtle Lotion, and a premium Exfoliating Glove, all designed to enhance your skin's natural beauty and grip on the pole.

What's Included:

  1. Luxe Gradual Tan Lotion: Achieve a flawless, golden tan with our Luxe Gradual Tan Lotion. Infused with natural extracts, it enhances your skin's tone and appearance, building up a gorgeous tan while keeping your skin pole-friendly. There's no need to wash it off before training or performing, making it perfect for busy polers.

  2. Australian Lemon Myrtle Lotion: Our high-performance Australian Lemon Myrtle Lotion is a pole dancer's dream. Crafted with Backhousia Citriodora Leaf Oil, Lavandula Angustifolia Oil, and Vanilla Planifolia Fruit Extract, it revitalizes and hydrates your skin. This lotion extends your tan while maintaining its summery scent, and its quality base, similar to our Sensitiv+e lotion, makes it suitable for all skin types.

  3. Exfoliating Glove: The included exfoliating glove is a game-changer for maintaining smooth, healthy skin. Made from a specialized fabric, it effectively removes dead skin cells without the need for harsh scrubs, improving your skin's tone and circulation. This leads to softer, smoother skin, enhancing your grip on the pole. This glove is designed to remove excess grip aid on the skin and will help avoid build up on your pole. Less clean-time, more pole-time!

Key Benefits:

  • Healthy Skin, Better Grip: Moisturized and well-cared-for skin is essential for an effective pole grip. This bundle ensures your skin remains in optimal condition for every performance.
  • Tan and Tone: Build and maintain a natural-looking tan while keeping your skin toned and refreshed.
  • Pole-Friendly Formulation: Designed with pole dancers in mind, our products won't compromise your grip or performance.

With the Pole Physics Tanner Bundle, you're not just caring for your skin; you're enhancing your pole dancing experience.

Enjoy a natural tan, revitalized skin, and the perfect grip for your next performance or practice session.


✔️All Natural ingredients
✔️Never oily or greasy
✔️Soothing (gingko biloba and horsetail extract)
✔️All skin types
✔️Safe for sensitive and damaged
✔️No Chemical Nasty’s
✔️ Nourishes, moisturizes and protects
✔️Rejuvenates and Revitalises
✔️ Visibly enhances skin tone
✔️ Formulated for performance (won’t impact your training)

It’s what’s not in it that makes it great too!

❌Mineral oils
❌Propylene Glycol
❌Silicones or silicone derivatives
❌Artificial fragrances or colours
❌Animal Testing

For the full ingredients list please click here.


For best results: lotion should be applied 7-10 hours before poling (ideally after your shower each day). Exfoliate 2-3 times a week & enjoy the sensation of moisturised, toned skin again. TWith the ‘gradual’ tan, you will still see a beautiful golden glow from your first application. However, because it's a "gradual tanner" you actually have full control over how dark you go.
For a darker tan, simply reapply. When you reach the colour you want, switch to our Lemon Myrtle blend to extend your tan.


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