What is it?

Pole Physics is the only product in the world designed to improve the health of your skin when you pole dance. Why? ... because healthy skin grips better than dry skin - naturally!

Not only does healthy skin grip better, but grip products work better on healthy skin. Be good to your skin & be great on the pole

Developed by Australian pole dancers with a love for natural, healthy products. Pole Physics is the only no-slick, non-slip body lotion designed specifically to be used by polers.


Why Moisturise?

Pole Physics™ is not a grip aid, & you can still use your favourite grip product! Pole Physics is a body lotion that will allow you to benefit from your skin's natural ability to grip. Healthy skin grips better than dry skin. Dry scaly skin will cause you to be much more slippery on the pole.

It is the world's first body lotion engineered for the specialised needs of pole dancers & performers. Before Pole Physics we were all told not to moisturise in case we slipped on the pole. But now you can look after your skin & perform well on the pole!

Designed for you to apply every day after your shower – and formulated for maximum moisture absorption, POLE PHYSICS is a specialised no-slick, non-slip body lotion that is engineered for hydrated, supple skin (without the ‘slick’ residue). If you use the product every day (after showering when your pores are open) you will notice a massive difference in only a few weeks.


Scientifically engineered no-slick formula for superior pole performance;

NO Mineral oils
NO Propylene Glycol
NO Silicones or silicone derivatives
NO Parabens
NO Petrochemicals
NO Artificial fragrances or colours
NO Phenoxyethanol
NO Animal Testing

ADDED: Vitamin E & Certified extracts to visibly tone the appearance of your skin.