Pole Dance Grip Aids

In the beginning it was shaving cream and hair spray. Next it was Mighty Grip and Dry Hands.

Today your average Pole dancer will have been offered and will have tried any number of different pole dance grip products to improve their pole grip.

Products like envirogrip are now ethically and environmentally responsible and are a huge step forward from the days of old.

But what many don't know is that it a fine balance between managing sweat (which is what 90% of grip products for pole are designed for) & drying out your skin & worsening your grip. 

The cycle we fall into - sweat, use pole grip, then as our skin gets drier we use more.

The absolute truth is that all grip products are formulated to work best on healthy skin.

Pole Dance skin care first, pole grip aids second.

Pole Dancers need to use grip products for sweat, but it's critical that we balance it by exfoliating & moisturising with a "true" moisturizer.

 The mantra: "grip aids for sweaty skin, body lotion for dry skin".

Pole skin care pays massive dividends in your skin's natural ability to grip.

 Exfoliating & moisturising your body with a no-residue, soothing lotion is a start.

You'll know that pole grip aids are a necessity when you are training hard, but with a little effort, you can reduce the reliance on grip products & make that little grip bottle last you a whole lot longer.

While you’re here make sure to check out our range of Pole Physics body lotions.


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Enviro Grip by Kristy Sellars

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MIGHTY GRIP  Grip Powder
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the pole PT book

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