"Grip has always been a major issue in pole dancing; whether that be at a beginner or a competition level. We're realising that 'not moisturising at all' is not the answer. Finally it's possible to take care of your skin and Have good grip!"
— Jamilla Deville


"As a pole dancer, I need my skin to be grippy at all times. When I first started pole I was always slipping - so I stopped moisturising completely. Then my skin got too dry & the problem was even worse! It wasnt until I found Pole Physics that I found something that would work for my skin. 
Now I can moisturise whenever I like, without having to worry about when I need to pole dance next. I pole dance every day so I need something that works. Pole physics is great, my skin is soft & smooth." 
— Maddie Sparkle


""Pole dancing and fitness has become my passion, my sport,
my career, my life! The physical demands it places on the body present an addictive challenge, and forces me to work harder and harder every day! It also places some wear and tear on my skin, which can be difficult to repair with normal moisturisers, which cannot be used around pole training times without causing slip on the pole. 

Pole Physics Non-Slip lotion is the first product I have found that helps to replace moisture and repair ravaged skin after intense training and in cold weather, without leaving a greasy residue! 
I can use it in the morning on my pole training days without a worry of slipping off the pole.

The gradual tanning formula provides a subtle, constant glow all year around. Highly recommended for any pole dancer, and for any skin type."
— Chris Talbot

"Moisturisers are known as a big NO NO for most pole dancers and for years I've tried product after product to find something that would give me moisture without being greasy and slippery. I have always been afraid of moisturisers because of the residue it leaves on my skin... But without moisturizing my skin is dry, flakey and it's still slippery! 

I was first given a free bottle of Pole Physics in a competition bag and once I tried it I was so surprised and ecstatic at how well it worked. Pole Physics has allowed me to feel like a real girl again! 

I literally use Pole Physics everyday, whether I'm getting on the pole or not. I sell it at The Pole Boutique and would recommend it for any pole dancer!" 

— Carlie Hunter


"Gone are the days of moisturising followed by a frustrated time slipping off a pole. It is one of the most annoying element of being a pole dancer! So glamorous from afar - yet when you get up close it is often callouses, bruises and dry skin. Well, not for me, at least not anymore...

I have been using Pole Physics for over a year now. Every night after my shower I mosturise, and I can honestly say that I stick to
a pole when my skin is hydrated and healthy! I have tried pharmacy products - they never quite worked. Pole Physics on the other
hand actually absorbs into my skin, it basically drinks it. There is never any slippery residue left on my skin.

The natural light tanning moisturiser is my absolute favourite! I am a pasty girl naturally and cannot stand spray tans. However, using a moisturiser that brings colour to my skin works beautifully. It hydrates my skin, makes me grip the pole and gives me an all over golden, sun-kissed glow. Pole dancers, we can now have our cake and eat it too!" 
— Gracie Buntine


"When I was on a TV show in the UK called 'Got to Dance' Pole Physics was my saviour. 

I had so many dress rehearsals, camera rehearsals, costume run throughs that my skin was becoming so dry and sore. The producers also wanted me to have a little bit of colour when the show was aired too (I'm naturally really fair!).

So I used Pole Physics gradual tan pole moisturiser every night leading up to the show. Not only did it repair my damaged skin but it also gave me a bit of a tan - woohoo! Now I swear by it, pole dancers are now allowed to moisturise - its great!
— Bendy Kate


""What moisturise??? I'm a pole dancer! I can't moisturise!... that was me in my first years of pole dancing. I've been that sweaty, slippery pole dancer - always grabbing for the towel & my pole grip. When I was a student, I had sworn myself off moisturising for the rest of my poling days; which lead me to very dry, cracked skin. This didnt help me stick to the pole either!

Until one day at the studio, someone said 'why don't you try that Pole Physics stuff?'. At first I was like 'What?? No way can I moisturise!' Not did i think that I'd slip, but I also have REALLY sensitive skin. I happened to get a free bottle of the Pole Physics tanner one day in a prize pack from a competition. I decided to try it over Christmas when I didn't teach as much pole. 

Well, well - what do you know? Not only did I end up with an awesome tan, but Pole Physics also helps me stick to the pole (I use it the night before).

No more dry skin for us dedicated pole dancers (with sensitive skin) who are addicted to tanning. The non-tanning (original silver) one, is also great to moisturise after a spray tan. Non-slip, more stick - look slick!! xx

— Lou Landers