KoyaTattoo is a specially formulated pole-friendly body lotion that's quickly absorbed and suitable for everyday use.

Use KoyaTattoo as part of your immediate care routine to support the healing process  and long-term to nourish your tattoo's and have them looking their best.


What's Inside

The features that make KoyaTattoo perfect for caring for your tattoo during the healing process also make it ideal for long term care.

✔️All Natural ingredients
✔️Never oily or greasy - pole safe
✔️Soothing (Vitamin E, gingko biloba and horsetail extract)
✔️All skin types
✔️Safe for sensitive and damaged skin
✔️No Chemical Nasty’s
✔️ Fragrance Free
✔️ Nourishes, moisturizes and protects
✔️Rejuvenates and Revitalises
✔️ Visibly enhances skin tone
✔️ Formulated for performance (won’t impact your training)

It’s what’s not in it that makes it great too!

❌Mineral oils
❌Propylene Glycol
❌Silicones or silicone derivatives
❌Artificial fragrances or colours
❌Animal Testing

Make KoyaTattoo part of your daily self-care routine!

For the full ingredients list please click here


Volume: 200ml body lotion

Country of Origin: Proudly Australian made & owned

Packaging: 100% PCR HDPE (post consumer recycled HDPE)

Great for sensitive skin & daily Tattoo care.



Koyatattoo: Daily Tattoo Lotion

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size: 7.00 W × 19.50 H × 4.00 L