Pole Dancer Skincare & Repair

Are you a Pole dancer with dry skin? Most pole dancers know about using grip products to improve their grip on the pole. What many don't know is that investing the time in what we would term 'poler skincare', pays massive dividends in your skin's ability to grip, bare skin, with little to no chemical grip aids!

Exfoliating & moisturising your body with a no-residue lotion is a start. However, when you're regularly pole dancing, "skin-care" also extends to hand care & care for rips & callouses. Pro-tip: file your hand callouses regularly & coat them in your body lotion before bed. This will help prevent your pole callouses becoming too thick/hard & then tearing. If they tear, use Ripfix, a balm designed for gymnast hand tears, safe for open wounds. This will speed up recovery.

Caring for your hard-working skin will ensure better grip, it will avoid hand tears from pole dancing & pole fitness training, & you'll find you'll need to use less 'chemical' grip products as time goes on. Added bonus? Avoiding poler "plumber's hands" & your grippy skin will look fabulous... naturally!

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KOYA Skin: Reset 200ml Body Lotion

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