4 Reasons This Lotion Is A Pole Dancer’s Best Friend

4 Reasons This Lotion Is A Pole Dancer’s Best Friend

When you’re on the pole, you’re the star, and stars steal the show. And how do you steal the show? By staying on the pole and flaunting your gorgeous moves without slipping!

Not sure why you keep slipping? Your skin may be too dry or oily, so it lacks the proper grip to stay on the pole.

Your skin could be trying to tell you it wants a middle ground. Neither slithery nor dry like the desert.

Pole Physics' Arnica & Green Tea lotion is that middle ground. It’s a no-slick, non-slip body lotion designed to improve the health of polers’ skin. The lotion is quickly absorbed to moisturize your skin without leaving residue.

Polers are super excited as they say hello to baby-soft skin and improved pole performance.

“I love the smell and the silkiness of the lotion. This lotion makes poling so much better.”
Denise Smith

Pole Physics' Arnica & Green Tea body lotion is made of natural ingredients; faithful friends who work together to give you the following benefits:

  • Healthy moisturized skin that grips the pole
  • Youthful skin that gives you confidence on stage
  • No unsightly residue marks left on poles (Yikes!).

Now, let’s look at how Arnica & Green Tea body lotion is your bestie.

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1 - Hydrates And Moisturizes Your Skin

hydrated and moisturized skin

Dry skin is a setback to your performance. It prevents you from making those awesome spins and bends because your skin doesn’t have the grip.

When you apply lotion to your skin, the cells absorb water and become hydrated. The skin’s protective barrier then seals in that moisture.

Hydrated and moisturized skin gives you a better grip without using grip aids. 

Expert Tip: Grip aids are designed to work best on healthy skin, and Pole Physics' lotions assist with healthy skin. So if you do want to use grip aids, you can use the lotion and your favorite grip product together.

The below table compares the superior results of using Arnica & Green Tea or any of our Pole Physics line of lotions compared to ordinary lotions.

Pole Physics Lotion Ordinary Lotion
Moisturizes and hydrates skin Doesn’t leave a soothing feel on your skin
Absorbed quickly into your skin Leaves residue on your skin
Gives performers a firm grip on the pole* Causes injuries due to slipping

*It is strongly recommended that Pole Physics' Lotions are applied 7-10 hours before dancing to ensure that you maintain a firm grip on the pole.

For years, polers have been advised by their peers and trainers to avoid moisturizing their skin to prevent slips; but they ended up with dry, unhealthy skin and calloused hands.

Calloused hands are a sign of your hard work on the pole, but let’s face it, they’re unsightly; not to mention they’ll scratch the pole ;). Ok, maybe they won’t scratch the pole, but they can’t grip the pole well.

But now, with Pole Physics' Arnica & Green Tea lotion, you can have both beautiful, healthy skin, and greatness on the pole.

Dry skin is also prone to bruising due to the pressure exerted by your body on the pole. So, what you need is a bruise bestie, one who’ll nurture and soothe your bruises.

Arnica, your friend, is a natural ingredient that also helps reduce muscle pain. It contains lactones, compounds with anti-inflammatory properties.

Need some inspiration on those bruises? Check out how fellow polers are getting bruise assistance:

“I tried Arnica lotion for my bruises. Within two days the bruises were significantly less dark.”
Mel 10

Note: If you have some nasty bruises—a polite way of saying you have broken skin—don’t use lotion on the bruise to avoid irritation. Seek treatment first, then continue applying the lotion when the wound closes up.

2 - Firms And Tones Your Skin

firm skin with an even tone

Your skin is exposed when you’re making moves on the pole. So you want it to radiate firm, evenly-toned awesomeness, right?

How does firm, evenly-toned skin benefit you?

  • Firm skin has a better grip on the pole than sagging skin.
  • Evenly-toned skin is beautiful and gives you confidence.

While green tea is your firming friend, vitamin E is your toning friend. These natural ingredients are infused into Pole Physics' Arnica & Green Tea to transform your skin and performance.

How will these natural ingredients improve your skin?

  • Green tea - An antioxidant that soothes your skin and gives it a radiant and supple natural tone
  • Vitamin E - An antioxidant that clears dark pigmentation, making your skin tone brighter while moisturizing and nourishing it

Want a skin tone where you control color depth with each application? You can build up your desired tone using Pole Physics' Luxe Gradual Tan lotion. Gradual tanner produces varying results for different skin tones, so it's best to experiment with the frequency of application.  

No need to rinse off the tan before training—it doesn’t stain. The lotion is quickly absorbed, leaving only a gorgeous tone. 

One more thing: you won’t smell like you came out of a tannery, the smell associated with tanning lotions. Our lotion is infused with a natural summer fragrance.

3 - Leaves No Residue On Your Skin

healthy and residue-free skin

Healthy skin grips better, which you can achieve by applying a silver dollar-sized amount of Arnica & Green Tea lotion to the whole body.

However, your skin absorbs ordinary lotion slowly, mixing with sweat to form a residue—not pleasant at all.

A poler’s skin needs to be residue-free because residue on the skin:

  • Makes the pole slippery and can cause poor performance or injuries
  • Sticks to the pole and is unhygienic, especially when using shared poles

Pole Physics' Arnica & Green Tea lotion is more convenient than ordinary lotions because it permeates your skin fast.

It moisturizes, is non-slick, and won’t mix with sweat to leave a residue!

The downside is if you have dead skin, the lotion’s absorption will be limited, but a regular exfoliating routine can fix it.

Have a skincare routine to exfoliate your skin with a gentle scrub. Do this at least two to three times a week.

Apply lotion within five minutes of exfoliating and showering when the pores remain open. Pole Physics' Arnica & Green Tea lotion contain salicylic acid, which also aids exfoliation.

Basically, every time you use Arnica & Green Tea lotion, you’re helping your skin exfoliate.

If your skin is sensitive and limits regular exfoliation, Pole Physics' Sensitiv+e (unscented) lotion can help you soothe the skin after exfoliation.

Pole Physics' Sensitiv+e (unscented) lotion also relieves:

  • Chrome and Nickel allergies
  • Sore skin from repeated training
  • Brass burn

But wait! Don’t rush to the pole yet. Wait seven hours after applying lotion so you won’t have to wash it away.

Your skin needs to suck the lotion to the last drop so there will be no slick or slip, which means a firmer grip on the pole.

4 - Free From Unfriendly Ingredients

young and healthy herbal plant

Pole Physics' Arnica & Green Tea lotion doesn’t contain the toxic ingredients found in some over-the-counter skin care products. It’s made from quality raw materials sourced from nature.

Our lotion is FREE from all the compounds listed below:

  • Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS)
  • Petrochemicals
  • Artificial fragrances
  • Parabens
  • Artificial colors
  • Mineral oils
  • Phenoxyethanol
  • Propylene glycol
  • Silicones or their derivatives

Polers with sensitive skin can enjoy an SLS-free lotion, which is normally used in grooming products and irritates the skin of people with conditions such as eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis.

If you’re a poling mumma, you can use Pole Physics' Pole Mumma Lotion (unscented), a fragrance-free lotion that lets you pole without the inconvenience of washing off fragrance every time you handle your baby.

Arnica & Green tea, and our other Pole Physics lotions are designed to give polers healthy skin, which begins by sourcing skin-friendly raw materials.

hydrated and moisturized skin

Enjoy No-Slick Non-Slip Pole Dancing

Pole Physics' Arnica & Green Tea is a no-slick, non-slip body lotion designed specifically for polers to improve the health of their skin. Healthy skin grips better to the pole than dry skin without the help of grip aids.

Your skin will benefit from the lotion’s friendly ingredients that hydrate, moisturize, firm, and tone it in preparation for better performance on the pole.

You don’t have to double-check whether you’ve left unsightly residue marks on the pole.

Green Arnica and Tea lotion permeates the skin faster and lets you enjoy slick-free skin.

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