Perfect pole skin - 3 steps to skin that grips & looks it's best on & off the pole!

Perfect pole skin - 3 steps to skin that grips & looks it's best on & off the pole!

Polers traditionally have had super dry, scaly skin. Plumbers hands (calloused & hard), with dry legs - the hallmarks of a dedicated poler. 

Thanks to Pole Physics those days are gone. We have a tanner for a golden glow, an unscented variation for those sensitive to chemical nasties, a summer scented lotion for girls that love the 50's porcelain look & even an arnica blend for those awesome pole-kiss days... Leave the scales for the mermaids ladies - you can have gorgeous soft skin and be a poler!!

However there are 3 things you can do to make sure that the lotion (and your skin) offers you the best grip - our tips below!

  1. EXFOLIATE! ... you will have layers of dry dead skin that you need to get rid of before applying your lotion & grip aids. Slipping in winter; its usually due to people shaving their legs less, exfoliating less & generally hiding them away. What do we suggest? 2-3 times a week, in the shower - a gentle exfoliate - followed by your Pole Physics, which brings me to our next point!
  2. Make sure you apply your Pole Physics after your shower (less than 5 mins) when your pores are still open. 
  3. Ideally you should wait up to 7 hours before poling after applying your lotion. With Pole Physics you don't need to wash it off before poling. It's been engineered specifically for dancing & will actually help your grip aides work better with your skin... but don't apply lotion then go straight to pole. Chances are you will leave residue on the pole which isn't fair to your studio or the next class. Leaving Pole Physics on your skin for 6-7 hours before pole will ensure it's absorbed & your skin is looking great.

Following these 3 simple tips will help you get the most out of not only your Pole Physics, but also those grip aides which are designed to work best on healthy skin. 

Any feedback? We'd love to hear it! 

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