??No Chemical Nasties

Engineered for Pole

For All Skin Types

Choose the lotion that suits your skin

Pole Physics comes in three varieties.
Unscented for those with super sensitive or over worked skin.
Our summer scented lotion has a blend of essential oils: lemon myrtle, vanilla & lavender.
Lastly our gradual tanner, offers a great colour without the 'horsey stink', It has the same fragrance as the scented lotion, making it easy to use both products at the same time.

No-slick non-slip body lotion 
Scientifically engineered no-slick formula for superior pole performance, because healthy skin grips better ... naturally!

NO Mineral oils

NO Phenoxyethanol
NO Propylene Glycol
NO Silicones or silicone derivatives
NO Parabens
NO Petrochemicals
NO Artificial fragrances or colours
NO Animal Testing

Certified organic extracts to visibly tone the appearance of your skin.


Unique formulation - no slick residue

Pole Physics is a unique formula designed to improve the health of your skin. It is not a grip aid. It is a body lotion designed to moisturise your skin - improving the health of your skin & your natural ability to grip without products.

Now you can pole & have beautiful toned healthy skin. Still dubious? Ask any of the many stars who use & LOVE Pole Physics: Carlie Hunter, Gracie Buntine, Jamilla Deville, Bendy Kate, Chris Talbot, Maddie Sparkle, Lou Landers, to name a few....

Ideal for sensitive skin

If you want to grip to the pole, you shouldn't have to sacrifice your health or the health of your skin.

Pole Physics can be used by the most sensitive skin & we stand by our high-quality ingredients. 

There are far too many products that take shortcuts to deliver cheap prices. 

If you improve the health of your skin, the less chemicals you'll need to grip. Beautiful skin... naturally!?